If you want to collect payments from your clients, first of all, you have to open and confirm your Mistertango account. You can find the information about the account registration on: Mistertango Account

After registration please access your Mistertango account, then go to settings section „Payment Collection Settings “, enable payment collection service, choose a module of your website, enter website address (URL) and Callback address (URL)*. When you will do that, you will be provided with the secret key and username for the next step. 

After setting up your Mistertango account you need to install Mistertango extension to your website. You can find all the website modules and helpers on: modules & helpers

Mistertango extension is installed as per standard extension installation depending on your website module. 

You will be prompted to enter API key and username once activating Mistertango extension on your website module. 

For test mode, you can log in to your Mistertango account and go to settings > payments collection settings > choose to turn on test mode.

If you will have more questions, please write to support@mistertango.com 

*Callback is a message that is being sent to your server once the payment has been initiated. This is a service that allows you to configure automated solutions. For example, you can choose to configure your service that an automated shipping order is made once the callback message is received.