IMPORTANT: different email addresses must be used to register Personal Account and to register Business Account.


Company's Director (or another person duly authorized by the Director) has to Download Mistertango App to mobile device and open a Personal Account first

Personal Account is required due to personal verification reasons


Initiate Mistertango Business Account opening as follows: 

1. Log-in to your Personal Account on Mistertango app
2. Click the Menu icon on the top left and select Mistertango for business

3. Select company's registration country and press Continue
4. Enter a business email address which must be different from the personal and press Submit

5. Check your company's email and follow the instructions provided therein

6. Fill the online application and wait for Compliance officer to revert back to you

Please note: Business Account can only be accessed through the Personal Account


The following documents are required to open Mistertango Business Account:

1. Extract from the register or Incorporation document not older than 3 months, must be in English or Lithuanian and duly authorized by the Notary or also with apostille attached or legalised (see here: Notary and Apostille/legalization);
2. Articles of Association (Statute) or equivalent document governing the management of the company, must be in English or Lithuanian and duly authorized by the Notary or also with apostille attached or legalised (see here: Notary and Apostille/legalization);

3. Copy of the Director's ID or passport;

4. Power of Attorney (issued by the Director of the company), if the company is represented by other person than the Director (must be in English or Lithuanian and duly authorized by the Notary);

5. Proof of business activities: utility bill (electricity, telephone, post-paid mobile phone, gas, water), property or municipal tax receipt, post office, savings bank account statement or other;

6. Copy of last year tax return or other relevant document (if applicable);

7. Copy of bank statement not older than 6 months (if applicable);

8. Company's management structure, including disclosure of ultimate beneficial owners; 

9. Copies of passports of the company's ultimate beneficial owners who directly or indirectly holds 25% or more in share capital of the company; 

10. Certificate or license required to commence business activities (if applicable);

11. Company's AML/KYC procedure signed by Director or Management Board (if applicable). 

Please note that the above list of the required documents is not exhaustive and Mistertango reserves a right to request any additional document if Mistertango sees it necessary.