This is a 3-step process.

Your CEO or officially accredited person should open and verify one's personal account. To do this You must download an app:
    Android devices:
    iOS devices:

If everything is ok, you should get verified in about an hour. Try to do the best you can for your photos and selfie to be of a good quality, because this is a common issue to get rejected.

Only after your private account is verified please initiate a company account registration. This can only be done via Mistertango's app:
1. Login to your private account via Mistertango's app;
2. Click the "menu" icon and select "Mistertango for business";
3. Enter an email which is different from your personal one. This will be your company's account which may be accessed only by you or "linked users".
4. Select country where your company is registered
5. Enter company details in the field provided (name, code, VAT, phone number, registration address).
6. Shortly describe your business.
7. Proceed to Step 3.

Send us an email to and attach the info below.

NOTE: all the documents should be in English and notarized. In case you are not able to provide notarized documents, make a transaction of 0.01 EUR from your company's other bank to your company's Mistertango account and send those not notarized documents anyway. If none of the above may be done, your company cannot be verified.

Documents list:
1. Certificate of incorporation;
2. Articles of association (Statute);
3. The list of shareholders;
4. Official extract from the commercial register (not older than 3 months) that includes the following information: 
    4.1. Company name;
    4.2. Company address;
    4.3. Company CEO's name;
    4.4. Company's shareholders.
5. If Company's Mistertango account was not registered by the CEO, please attach:
    5.1. A power of attorney document signed by the CEO;
    5.2. CEO's ID or passport copy.

Additional info:
6. Please provide us the link where we could find the information about your company at official public source.
7. Briefly describe your company's business plan and the purpose of opening Mistertango account.
8. If the company is related to financial services or cryptocurrencies, then:
    8.1. Provide us an info about your AML and KYC procedures;
    8.2. Tell us if your company is going to withdraw/deposit funds from/to cryptocurrency exchanges.