Download Mistertango App and verify your identity. Using Mistertango App you will need to make a picture of your passport or ID card, also a clear picture of your face. Identification widget will guide you through this process within few minutes.

About your identification status (rejected or approved) you will be informed through email in 10 minutes. You also can see the status at your Mistertango account.

We would like to inform you, that there is no other possibility to get verified - you need to proceed using Mistertango app, this how our security systems work.  

Could not proceed? We do recommend:

  • Make sure, that you have downloaded the newest version of Mistertango app.

  • Delete an application and install once again.

  • Turn on the permissions to use camera and microphone.

  • You could borrow another mobile device for verification from someone.

  • If the problem remains, please, contact our Support team: https://mistertango.freshdesk.com/support/tickets/new writing an information about mobile phone model and operating system version.

  • Provide us an information which mobile application version you are using.

  • Record your verification process if you have a possibility.


The most common rejection reasons after all documentation uploaded successfully are these:

  • Low quality of document's or photo's copy

  • Copy of the document or photo was edited or changed

  • Person indicated in a documents does not match with a person who made a money transfer

  • There are only documents but no photo uploaded

  • Uploaded photo is exactly the same as in a document

The strict identification process is being performed in accordance with our crime, money laundering and funding of terrorism preventive policy. All the information about the clients is safe and could not be disclosed for third parties unless it is required by law enforcement authorities. We have eligibility to collect personal information about clients provided by State Date Protection Inspectorate.

IMPORTANT: the email address you used for registration could not be changed.

ACCOUNT CLOSURE: from your mobile phone send us the SMS with the text ''Close'' and your email address to telephone number +37064800511. When we will receive the message, we will close your account. Inform us, please, after you make a payment.